About Us

About The Vet Experts

The Veterinary Experts was founded in 2018 by Dr. Raafat Abuwatfa in Qatar. With decades of veterinary experience, our veterinarians and support staff are licensed and experts in their field. We are wholly committed to providing excellent veterinary service and product supply as best as possible.

We provide exquisite veterinary services, which includes, but not limited to veterinary consultation, treatments & checkups, in-farm visits, laboratory testing services, and product delivery. We maintain close relationships with specialists in our area to ensure that the animals receive the care they need in case, we are unable to cater for it. In addition to our exceptional veterinary care facility, we offer distinct brands of retail products available, which includes veterinary pharmaceuticals, farms & lab instruments and supplies, and animal feeds. At The Veterinary Experts, we ensure you have the relevant information and resources you need to keep your pet, farm, racing or sports animal healthy is among our top priorities.